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the sun will rise, it will be alright

23 July 2013

yaaaaay, today it's my birthday !

19 years old, I get older ahah
I've spend a 18 years-old-year full of joy, love, success, but also challenges and really hard times. Even if in some ways i'm still a "teen", i think that i've grown up kind of fast, and that i'm prepare for what's coming for me, whatever it would be.

Thanks for the nice wishes i've received ♥

8 comments on "the sun will rise, it will be alright"
  1. Joyeux anniversaire ! Peu importe qu'on ne se connaisse pas, je te souhaite de passer une sublime année en plus ! J'espère aussi que tu vas continuer à publier sur ton blog si tu as le temps car j'adore tes tenues et les articles qui les accompagnent ! Keep the good work up<3

  2. Tu es magnifique !
    Happy Bday :)
    Tabitha - http://www.theliquorstore.fr/tabitha/

  3. Un très joyeux anniversaire ma jolie ! :)
    bises !


  4. Joyeux anniversaire Audrey ! :)


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