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28 March 2013

Whats your name ?

How old are you ?

18 years old

What school ?
École d'architecture intérieure à Lyon

How tall are you ?


Your weight ?

Do you have a boyfriend ?

Yes, he's the sweetest boy ever, the one i want to do everything with, the one that makes me smile & happy, the one that makes me feel good & pretty, the one that has my heart forever.
How would you describe you style ?
Nothing special, just nice clothes i like. The most important for me is to be comfortable in your outfits.

What camera do you use ?

Canon 450D

Your last purchase ?

A book about the cubist period in art.

Favorite food ?
I'd do anything for a good burger or croque-monsieur.

(post inspired by Donna Romina)

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Sarah said...

j'adore ton blog, mais ce serai sympa de mettre une traduction française de tes posts ( tu t'adresse avant tout à un public français )

Bonne continuation,


Anonymous said...

C'est une bonne idée de faire un post de ce genre !

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